Supporting Joe Jackson

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while hasn’t it? Hope you’ll all good?

So, you may have already heard my big news, I’m doing my first tour support and it’s with Joe Jackson on his ‘Sing, You Sinners! tour. We’re playing some pretty mega venues around the UK this July/August…yes it’s true, I *am* really going out with him…also not pooping my pants…definitely not…

Me and legendary guitar king Jake Stentiford are doing some stripped back versions of some older tunes and some new ones from my upcoming record [I know rite?! Dropped that in there…] to open up for him. 

Check out funky poster below for all of the dates.

Enough Is Enough

I’ve done an acoustic cover of ‘Enough Is Enough’ for #MusicforCop26 to add my voice and help build public pressure in the lead up to the #COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.

It’s an incredible project from my pals at Oi Musica based in Edinburgh, and there are lots of amazing versions of this song going up as COP26 is happening right now.

You can follow the project here and add your own voice:

Original beautiful song by Karine Polwart.

YouTube video link

Bodfari Tapes

Me and my good friend Jake Stentiford went out to a cottage in North Wales for a long weekend to work on some material and explore new sounds. It was a great experience and I have lots of new material to develop.

This was an in-the-moment unplugged run through of some new songs we recorded before we left, chickens-and-all. Higher quality versions will follow at some point, but I feel like it captured some lovely moments.

More soon,


Happy Birthday to The Crossing

Well…it’s been a year-to-the-day since I released The Crossing! To celebrate I recorded a song I didn’t actually know how I was going to do live…it was always played on the piano in my mind (nobody wants to see me play piano live). This week I decided I was going to lock myself away in my little studio for a few hours and figure it all out, and for some mad reason record and film it all at the same time by myself. Here’s I Need Gravity (solo on electric) in one take.

I’ve been blown away by the messages that it’s been a regular feature in your house stereo, or your car, and how you can relate to what I was trying to say in the album…which is wonderful for a not-dancing-around-your-kitchen record…or maybe you’re into sad dancing?

I feel like there is so much more life in this record to come after a strange year to release music. I am slowly coming out of this mad situation like the rest of you most likely, tentatively…

Here’s to a less-shite year.

Thanks again


The Crossing – Lockdown 2020 Live Band Version

Hello my friends,

Here’s a little release for you for 2021 🙂

What could have been before lockdown. We had our first rehearsal booked in to explore the live version of my debut album ‘The Crossing’ before some live dates just as the UK Coronavirus lockdown took place. One day we’ll get to play it live but here is the next best thing, the full live band version of the title track.

You can purchase over at my Bandcamp: Stream on Spotify here:
and available on all other platforms.

Guitar/vocals/bvs: Coruja
Rhodes: Justin Shearn
Guitar: Jake Stentiford
Double bass: Alec Stockton
Drums: Adam Dawson

Guitar recording engineer: Lucinda Potter

Mixed & mastered by: Justin Shearn


So a year ago today we filmed The Crossing on the windy hills on the edge of the Peak District. It was a great day and my first foray into filmmaking. I worked with film legend John Grey, who I have worked will on my my films (all 2 of them). It’s something I am definitely looking into exploring further with him. Here are some snaps from the day and you can watch the full thing below.

Youtube Link:

Cast & Crew:
Ellie: Louise Gibbons
Sarah: Lauren Tucker

Directed, Shot and Edited by: John Grey
Producer: Dan Jones
Producer: Judith Chan

The Vale Live


I hope you’re all doing well. I’m slowly getting my shit together during this weird time….in the mean time:

If you missed it, here’s the full video to a acoustic duo set with guitarist Jake Stentiford we made for The Vale, an arts centre in the little town where I live:


Online Gig for The Vale

I have exciting news! I’m doing an online gig. I’ve been debating what to do as I really didn’t enjoy the live streaming thing [sorry about that], but a great opportunity arose. 

Tomorrow [Wednesday 10th June] at 8pm The Vale, which is a fab arts Centre I’m very close to in Mossley, Manchester, have been entertaining the masses by broadcasting gigs from a variety of artists. It’s my turn tomorrow so I recorded the acoustic show [the lockdown bedroom version] I’ve been working on with guitarist [and general dream boat], Jake Stentiford. 

Before lockdown we were going performing around Manchester as a duo. We got around the tech [just about], so if you didn’t get a chance to catch it in real life, I’m bringing you the next best thing tomorrow night, so make sure you tune in. I’ll share it on my Facebook page and it will also be streamed on Youtube [links below]. 

If you can’t tune in live, it will be available to watch afterwards as well on both platforms. 

If you could share the Facebook event link that would be fab [if you do Facebook].


I know I’ve been a little quiet of late, I’m trying to have a break from social media, mainly to stop from going insane, but been on it a bit more lately because of current events. 

I’ve been doing more reading and sharing of being a better ally in the Black Lives Matter movement and sharing resources, especially on Instagram. A great page I recently followed is Waste Free Marie, go follow her account here.

Lots of love and stay safe,


The Crossing Is Out

So busy posting on all the socials, my poor ole website got left behind. I have received such a beautiful response to my little debut. I want to thank everyone for buying it and streaming it, it’s been overwhelming at points. I really wanted to release, even though I am probably insane for doing so at this tricky time. I will update this site more often I promise, been just trying to get through one day at a time.

Lots of love,

C x

The Crossing Album Pre-Order

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be releasing my first album The Crossing on Friday 24th April 2020.

You can pre-order it on my Bandcamp here:

It’s a short 6 track album made up of a collection of songs based around the experiences leading up to and following the death of my Dad in 2016. It’s a culmination of 3 years of exploring life, death and everything in between; with many hours crafting the right sound and space for the songs to live in.

I decided that I would go ahead with my release as planned in these strange strange times as I’ve been planning this for a long time and it want to put it out there for people to finally give it a listen. I’ve put it out to pre-order and you can do-so on my Bandcamp. It’s going to be available as a CD with lyric booklet + digital download, or you can just purchase the digital download.

It will also be available on streaming platforms, but if you fancied throwing any pennies my way it would be greatly appreciated (especially now).

I’ll be posting some more things in the run up.

Lots of love, take care of yourselves, and stay at home x

Album cover photo by: Adam Wills Photography