Fresh On The Net & BBC Introducing Mixtape Spin

Proper chuftypants to have got a spin on Mr Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape on BBC6 Music (bucket list, tick). It aired Sunday night/early hours Monday 13th January 2020, a great start to the year!

You can listen again here:

I’m going to be posting more about my journey into releasing music on this blog this year…and other quips.

Thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve done so far for any other musicians out there [and people who might be interested].

I released The Crossing as my first single in November and submitted it to Fresh On the Net [] which is an online music blog/haven founded by Tom Robinson, it’s full of great tips and tricks for newer artists trying to navigate the stormy music industry waters as a solo captian.

They have a lovely team of music moderators on there. Artists can submit their music to The Listening Post, Monday – Thursday (they get about 150-200 submissions a week) and then it gets whittled down to 25 which goes out to the public to have a listen and choose their own faves…you can’t promote it as the artist, the idea is that a new audience gets to listen to your music [which I love], then the tracks people like the most get put into the Fresh Faves [around 10 tracks], which get reviewed and posted the following week. It’s a really good way for newer artists to get heard, I was a Fresh Fave for Batch 345, you can read the review here: []

Then if Tom likes the track, you might get a slot on his BBC Introducing Mixtape, which happened to me, mint! It’s a mega boost and a great way to get your music out there. Make sure you upload it to the BBC Introducing Uploader as well to get it played in the ole wireless

Looking forward to releasing more of the ole music this coming Spring!

More soon,


Happy Holidays from Qatar

Merry holidaymas, whatever mas you celebrate, hope it’s a happy one.

I wanted to say the best present that I got was the response to this music I’m putting out [the single was just over a month ago now], thanks so much for support and the shares of the music, it was a long time coming but hopefully worth the wait.

I’m planning some lovely things for 2020 and you’ll be able to hear the whole shebang in Spring 2020!

I’m currently on tour in Doha, Qatar playing in the souq markets as a drumming robot (I-shit-you-not)…gotta pay dem bills. If you didn’t know, I’ve been studying all things Brazilian percussion for about 10 years as well as writing sad songs, so it’s a bit of a contrast. I work for a company called Global Grooves as a drummist, and I am having a blast…it’s pretty exhausting, but fun. I’ve never been to the Middle East before, so it’s a pretty incredible, eye-opening experience for me. I feel very lucky that I get to travel the world doing this stuff.

Until the new year. I will be updating and writing lots more.

Over and out.

C x

The Crossing [Single Release]

I am so happy to release The Crossing, the title track from my first EP “The Crossing”, coming 2020 along with music video (you can see that below).

You can catch my first single on various streaming services and you can purchase on my Bandcamp below:

Big, big, big thanks go to Justin Shearn who produced and recorded this song and the others on the forthcoming EP. We spent (literally) years honing these songs, it all started off over a coffee and lots of cheese. I’m going to write more about the process (in another blog) and the journey that we went on.

Thanks to: Adam Dawson (drums) and Alec Stockton (double bass) for lending their talents on the track, you guys are Gods amongst men.

More thanks to: John Grey (who directed, shot and edited the video), Judith Chan for producing, and Louise Gibbons & Lauren Tucker for their beautiful performances as Ellie and Sarah. Thank you all support and work on the visuals, what a day that was! It’s turned out beautiful…eventually… after me and John eventually remembered what we talked about after production meetings…in the pub.

And huge thanks to, my Mom, Holly, family and friends for supporting me.

This release is dedicated to Steve Jones, who took the Crossing back in 2016.

I wish you could hear this.