Happy Birthday to The Crossing

Well…it’s been a year-to-the-day since I released The Crossing! To celebrate I recorded a song I didn’t actually know how I was going to do live…it was always played on the piano in my mind (nobody wants to see me play piano live). This week I decided I was going to lock myself away in my little studio for a few hours and figure it all out, and for some mad reason record and film it all at the same time by myself. Here’s I Need Gravity (solo on electric) in one take.

I’ve been blown away by the messages that it’s been a regular feature in your house stereo, or your car, and how you can relate to what I was trying to say in the album…which is wonderful for a not-dancing-around-your-kitchen record…or maybe you’re into sad dancing?

I feel like there is so much more life in this record to come after a strange year to release music. I am slowly coming out of this mad situation like the rest of you most likely, tentatively…

Here’s to a less-shite year.

Thanks again