Happy Holidays from Qatar

Merry holidaymas, whatever mas you celebrate, hope it’s a happy one.

I wanted to say the best present that I got was the response to this music I’m putting out [the single was just over a month ago now], thanks so much for support and the shares of the music, it was a long time coming but hopefully worth the wait.

I’m planning some lovely things for 2020 and you’ll be able to hear the whole shebang in Spring 2020!

I’m currently on tour in Doha, Qatar playing in the souq markets as a drumming robot (I-shit-you-not)…gotta pay dem bills. If you didn’t know, I’ve been studying all things Brazilian percussion for about 10 years as well as writing sad songs, so it’s a bit of a contrast. I work for a company called Global Grooves as a drummist, and I am having a blast…it’s pretty exhausting, but fun. I’ve never been to the Middle East before, so it’s a pretty incredible, eye-opening experience for me. I feel very lucky that I get to travel the world doing this stuff.

Until the new year. I will be updating and writing lots more.

Over and out.

C x