Online Gig for The Vale

I have exciting news! I’m doing an online gig. I’ve been debating what to do as I really didn’t enjoy the live streaming thing [sorry about that], but a great opportunity arose. 

Tomorrow [Wednesday 10th June] at 8pm The Vale, which is a fab arts Centre I’m very close to in Mossley, Manchester, have been entertaining the masses by broadcasting gigs from a variety of artists. It’s my turn tomorrow so I recorded the acoustic show [the lockdown bedroom version] I’ve been working on with guitarist [and general dream boat], Jake Stentiford. 

Before lockdown we were going performing around Manchester as a duo. We got around the tech [just about], so if you didn’t get a chance to catch it in real life, I’m bringing you the next best thing tomorrow night, so make sure you tune in. I’ll share it on my Facebook page and it will also be streamed on Youtube [links below]. 

If you can’t tune in live, it will be available to watch afterwards as well on both platforms. 

If you could share the Facebook event link that would be fab [if you do Facebook].


I know I’ve been a little quiet of late, I’m trying to have a break from social media, mainly to stop from going insane, but been on it a bit more lately because of current events. 

I’ve been doing more reading and sharing of being a better ally in the Black Lives Matter movement and sharing resources, especially on Instagram. A great page I recently followed is Waste Free Marie, go follow her account here.

Lots of love and stay safe,