Coruja Jones, a Manchester (UK) based singer/songwriter.

Music from the heart.

“A great track! Deft and assured”  [The Crossing]

– Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

“The Crossing is a delicate but warm sounding track, with piano, guitars, double bass and understated drums all complementing Manchester singer / songwriter Coruja Jones’s tender vocals beautifully. It sounds especially good on this dark November day, wrapping itself around you like a cosy blanket.”

– Steve Harris, Fresh On The Net [https://freshonthenet.co.uk/2019/11/faves345/]

You’ll be blown away by his unique style and beautiful songs. A true gentleman in manner and even moreso in his music – your ears won’t be able to get enough of his dulcet tones”

– Roberta Pia, Red Dog Music

“Like Tom Waits singing nursery rhymes”

– Wayne, Picnic Area.

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